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Family News

Second Half of 2023

        OK, I'm trying to get back. The third quarter moved along similiary to the prior period. I was making good progress clearing out many years of posessions, especially Evelyn's clothes. Shelves of books were donated to a charity and the girls sorted through everything to select furnature and other "stuff" they would eventually be taking home. With Elise's help, I was able to organize the photo albumns to "a manageable 18 tomes". Additionally, I consolidated the relivent historical information into my office files.The remainder, that did not seem worth keeping, (such as an old Kruck bible which was falling apart as well as repayment receipts on loans that the Doffeks repaid for their land) was stowed into three large boxes. They are presently stored at he Fritzingers, similar to the "Lost Ark of Indiana Jones in a dark CIA vault". Anyone interested in viewing or aquiring all or parts in welcome to do so.
       Perhaps the only noteworthy event in July was my 90th birthday, which passed with a minimum of fanfare. Lisa, Carla and their spouses came for lunch at Pheasants Landing several days after and Elese & Emma stopped by a week later.
       August came and went, as did the first part of September. I had already contacted Laural Circle, a senior residental facility, realizing that the time had come to sell the house and move to a maintenance free place that would feed me. The move was accelerated at 11pm September 12 when I fell. I  was  unable to get up, laying on my stomach for 22hours before I was discovered and taken to the hospital. Four days later I was moved into Laural Circle Rehab and after another four days into my present apartment. The process of moving, empting the house, getting it ready to sell, etc, fell largely to my girls and their families. (the house was sold on March 8th).
       The remainder of the year was largely spent organizing my new apartment. The  "in house" internet and cable are not the state of the art and under the control of the overworked head of building maintanance. My two entertainment systems from Canal Walk had to be combined through a single reciever. It was almost twenty years ago that I assembled the old  setup and  I was not there when it was pulled apart. This, combined with my inability get down on my knees behind the components along with my failed memory regarding the incorrect manual resulted in a painful reinstallation. Meanwhile the computer was still giving me grief including all the address changes in the online apps and the paper world. On top of all this, two hours of rehab, three days a week were added to my multiple doctors visits until year end.
         Highlighting the year was Sidney and Nolan's wedding on Nov.18. It took place at the NJ shore from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.
Sid & I
       Since most of the family was at the wedding, there was no need for large family gatherings at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The individual families celerbrated at their homes. I managed to get to church on Christmas Eve and was visited by an assortment of girls during the holiday period. The world continued to go nuts but for us 2023 ended quietly.